Tips In Honing Netball Umpiring Skills

Playing netball is a wonderful activity for individuals since they can obtain numerous features. For one, they can improve their social life. Next, individuals can maintain a fit and healthy mind and body. And, netball games are exciting. However, in case that you do not want to play, individuals can also become an umpire. But, before becoming an umpire, you need to hone your netball umpiring skills. Surely, individuals can find numerous articles online that can help them, but it is best to consider the following tips to help you achieve your goals.

Know about umpiring levels

In order to improve you netball umpiring skills, one of the best options individuals need to know is the different umpire levels. As of now, there are numerous umpire levels. And, levels are determined according to the type of players in the court. Some of the following levels include local, national and international umpires. So, if you are handling games from local teams, you need to be a local level umpire. However, individuals need to know that they need to pass certain exams to become an umpire.

Ask seasoned umpires

In case that you are having a hard time understanding the rules on your own, a good way is to ask seasoned umpires. Of course, these individuals are experts in netball rules and regulations. And, they know all the rules in order to make games safe and fair for all players. Fortunately, some umpires make use of techniques to memorize all rules which can be useful for beginners. Apart from that, umpires can also help you hone skills that are important when umpiring games. This is essential since you need to have the right skills to ensure that you can handle games properly.

Be aware about rules and regulations updates

When trying to hone your umpiring skills for netball, it is also imperative to be aware about the rules and regulations. To make games better for everyone, authorities revise rules. Because of this, aspiring umpires need to know about these updates. Fortunately, all updates can be found on netball articles and organizations.

Join netball organizations

Finally, if you wish to learn more efficiently, it is best to join netball organizations. Some netball organizations offer player and umpire training sessions. These sessions are handled by seasoned experts to ensure that students will learn properly and easily which can help them make better games.

Factors to Consider When Looking for the Right Netball Venue

Sports is one of the best forms of exercise. Regularly engaging in a game of netball will strengthen your cardiovascular system, enhance your hand-to-eye coordination, and increase your flexibility.

Besides the physical and mental benefits netball provide, it is also an ideal way to build relationships, strengthen bonds, and meet new acquaintances. Being a sport that requires multiple players to cooperate and coordinate with each other, it doesn’t allow any individual player to move alone.

Whether you are with your group of friends or family or an individual committed to playing netball on a regular basis, finding the right venue will say a lot in the success of your endeavor. When you go to the right venue, every game will be worth it and enjoyable. The best venues should be, after all, equipped with all the things you need to get your best game on.

How do you find the right venue? Below are the important factors to consider when choosing one.

Reasonable rates

A good venue should be able to provide you with the necessities you need when playing netball at reasonable costs. Playing the sport that you love should not cost you a lot. It should be within your means to play as often as you want.

Great facilities

The best venues are built with great facilities that would allow players to engage in the sport comfortably and safely. It should have the appropriate size and space to accommodate a large number of people who play at once.

The equipment or facilities you need should be easy to find and should be in pristine condition. The venue should be flexible to all types of people who want to engage in a game of netball.

Friendly and fair umpires and employees

In addition to being skilled in their roles, umpires should also be friendly and fair at all times. Nothing boosts a game of netball, than umpires who are able to keep positive social dynamics with all the players no matter what. This would prevent any disputes or disagreements between players and the umpires.

Having friendly employees would also ensure that players and other visitors will feel at ease and secured while in the premises.

Proper safety measures

As with any other facility, a netball venue should have been built according to the right standards set by the proper authorities. The venue should also have a strict set of rules and policies to ensure the safety of every person at all times.

The Inconsistencies of Pro Athletes

Professionalism is the competence or skill expected of a professional. A professional is a person engaged in a specific activity as one’s main paid occupation. An athlete is or should be proficient in sports and other forms of physical activity. So, at the end of the day, professional athletes get paid to play and are expected to do so, at the very least, on a more consistent basis than that of… non-professional athletes. However, most “professional” athletes do not play consistently and should be held accountable accordingly.

Being a professional athlete is or should be the highest level of athleticism possible, but that’s not the case, because pro-athletes are always rated on the “what have you done for me lately?” theory, per-say, or the last time they had a chance to do something, what did they do? So they are constantly being rated and everything that they do, fail or succeed, is accounted for. Which would explain why there are professional stars and professionals that are not “stars”. And of course, the stars are the more consistent athletes in their particular field and obviously, they take their jobs more serious than the average pro-athlete.

Though, I’ve played on many different non-professional teams of many different sports, I have never had the opportunity to play on a professional team, but there was always an implied expectation of everyone on the team, and if a player could not live up to that expectation, then change was very necessary, because nobody wants to lose, professional, nor non-professional, recreational or any other level of play. Sometimes, no… a lot of times, I watch professional sports and I don’t understand how these professional teams tolerate when these paid professional athletes don’t play up to their expectation. When we watch sports being played on TV, we expect to see how the sport should be played at it’s best, kind of like the example of perfection.

If a sales person doesn’t close the sale, then they don’t get paid. Most doctors and lawyers only get one chance to foul up a patient or a case, then their career is, at least, seriously tainted, therefore effecting their income. A mechanic that can’t fix a flat tire is not going to make any money. None of those professions are compensated nearly as much as pro-athletes, but are held to much higher standards. Yet, somehow, a pro-athlete can drop a game-winning touchdown pass and not only keep his job, but also maintain his income while laughing and joking about how he disappointed his team and his fans. How is that? Anybody can do that. A professional baseball player that hasn’t gotten a hit in his last 15 games is still able to keep his job and his income is not effected at all. How is that? Anybody can NOT perform. Anybody can NOT live to up to the task. So, why are they still on the team and why are they still getting paid? I don’t understand. If I was the coach/owner I would be highly upset and change would definitely be necessary.

Most professional athletes take for granted the opportunity that they have been given. For every pro-athlete there are many more non-professional undiscovered athletes that could do the same job just as well, if not better. Professional sports tolerate way too much failure. There are professional teams that have never won a championship, yet they employ the same members of their staff for several years. Why do they continue to allow this to happen? Pro-athletes get paid a lot of money for doing basically nothing, enjoying their lives, playing in the backyard, and the least that they could do is take their “jobs” seriously and perform when it’s their turn to perform and set the example that is expected of them, or be held accountable for not being up to the task.